English city tours in Leipzig

English city tour in Leipzig: on foot with multimedia highlights!

We make the city tour in Leipzig an experience because our city tour 2.0 is unique!

We show you the city center in an entertaining way and deliberately avoid boring you with countless years. During our tour, discover not only the sights in Leipzig (also) the hidden things in the city!

So that you can hear your guide at all times, everyone receives a headset – so you can look around on your own and take photos without missing anything. And on the go, we show large-format multimedia projections – using a mobile, bright projector.

Passages and courtyards, the peaceful revolution of ’89 – this city tour offers much more!

On our city tour through Leipzig, we will introduce you to the history of the city in an entertaining way. We also show you historical views – from the GDR era and also from earlier times. Due to its past as a trade fair city, Leipzig today has a very special system of passages and courtyards – we will give you a brief overview and dive into some of them in detail.

There is no other city more closely linked to the peaceful revolution of 1989 than Leipzig. We’ll take you on a little multimedia journey through time into this time of change and you’ll be amazed at how many signs of remembrance there are to discover in Leipzig.

But that’s not all – the fact that Leipzig was once the global hub of trade can still be clearly seen in many of the buildings: we’ll show you what products were involved.

Our city tour in Leipzig is brilliantly different, lasts about 90 minutes and is also an ideal opportunity for a first impression of this wonderful city!

Start: the Stadtstromer store in the “Höfe am Brühl” center in the middle of Leipzig city center.

Listen to the city guide in Leipzig: thanks to the headset

The guide can be heard at all times, even when you are looking around or taking photos individually. Because every guest receives a headset from us. This means we can tell you more about Leipzig on the go without missing anything.

English city tour of Leipzig

What did it used to look like, how has the city changed? We’ll show you this and many other interesting things along the way with multimedia projections – but not in “postage stamp format”, but really large with a mobile projector.

Blue Pike house sign

You quickly get to know the highlights, but Leipzig is much more! We’ll show you a lot of “hidden things” that make up the city – and would like to show you in detail how colorful and diverse Leipzig actually is.

The number of places on the city tour through Leipzig is limited, tickets are only available in advance:


Impressions of the unique multimedia city tour in Leipzig on foot

Monday demonstrations for the Peaceful Revolution in 1989

The peaceful revolution of 1989 is closely linked to the city of Leipzig. Some opposition members met here at the beginning of the 1980s, which later became the Monday prayers and ultimately the large Monday demonstrations.

In the fall of ’89, citizens marched with slogans like “We are the people!” took to the streets to demonstrate, in particular, for freedom of expression, freedom of the press and free elections. Even if some people today imagine themselves to be in a dictatorship of opinion, the GDR actually was.

The city guide shows multimedia projections during the city tour - Leipzig with a difference!

Everyone knows the monumental main station. But why is it so big? Why does it have two large entrance halls facing the same direction and why do they look identical? We’ll tell you! But there’s much more: along the way, we’ll show you what it used to look like in the past with interesting large projections using a mobile, bright projector – because railway history was written in Leipzig!

And much more: this tour is multimedia! So we’re not just showing you a look at the Monday demonstrations back then (’89), but also listening to an audio memory!

Leipzig Old Town Hall and Goethe Monument

Goethe once lived as a student in Leipzig – and as a monument at the Old Town Hall, he is still a part of Leipzig today. Your city guide will not bore you with useless details from his time – but will show you a lot more in an entertaining way!

Because we would rather give you a comprehensive overview of the city instead of staying in just a few places – our Leipzig city tour is therefore incredibly entertaining! Also because we don’t just show the typical highlights that are in every travel guide anyway – but also the hidden things that suddenly become quite obvious.

Our english Leipzig city tour is special. Do you already know our Leipzig city tour on the Segway?