English city tours in Leipzig

city tours in Leipzig: on the Segway and on foot, English speaking – uniquely different with us!

  • Multimedia Leipzig city tour 2.0 on foot
  • City tour on the Segway through Leipzig

Our experiences offer tourists a good overview, but also reveal many (still) unknown details for Leipzig residents. In addition, we set new technical standards, which means we can also offer you a completely unimagined quality in terms of content – in an entertaining and yet very instructive way.

All tours start in our shop at the “Höfe am Brühl” center in the middle of Leipzig city center.

Leipzig city tour in English

This is an english guided city tour in Leipzig that sets new standards! We’ll show you the city center on foot in a way that’s never seen before: with our multimedia Leipzig city tour in english on foot!

On the way, everyone can look around and take photos at their leisure and won’t miss anything from the guide, because he can be heard clearly at all times through a headset. And when we show you pictures along the way, they are primarily interesting historical views of the city – and you can see them in large format using a mobile, bright projector.

In addition, we don’t (only) show the highlights in Leipzig, but above all a lot of hidden things that make the city what it is: colorful, diverse and open-minded.

City tour on the Segway along the Karl Heine Canal

With our unique english guided Segway tours in Leipzig, we set new standards and offer a very special way of combining driving fun and sightseeing!

After intensive driver training on our practice course in the middle of the city centre, you can then go farther afield. On the way there is all sorts of information about the city – not by stopping all the time, but directly via a headset while riding the Segway through Leipzig! With this we can show you even more and like to drive a little faster, because our Segways are not throttled!

We’re happy when you are – that’s why we do a lot of things differently on our Segway rides through Leipzig!

Our tours start in our Stadtstromer store in the middle of the city center – in the “Höfe am Brühl” center (outside location with own entrance).

Easy to find without much searching: You can use your favorite map app on your mobile phone and search for “Stadtstromer”, which will take you directly to our entrance. We have our own external access at the passage between the two center buildings, directly on the “Richard-Wagner-Straße” pedestrian/cycle path.

super central to find:

Richard-Wagner-Street 13
“Höfe am Brühl” shopping centre (own outside entrance)
DE04109 Leipzig