English Segway city tours in Leipzig

Riding a Segway in Leipzig – a very special city tour with us!

  • Perfect mix of a city tour in Leipzig and driving fun on the Segway in Leipzig.
  • Information during the Segway ride via headset instead of constantly standing still
  • long distances (instead of through the tiny and narrow city center)
  • Intensive driving training on our indoor course
  • public Segway tours according to timetable (please scroll down for times & tickets)
  • Public Segway tours in small groups only (larger groups on request)
  • Start: in our shop in downtown Leipzig

General information about our city tours in Leipzig on Segway & Scuddy

  • Minimum age: 14 years (no driving license required)
  • Weight limits: minimum 45 kg, maximum 115 kg (Segway) or 150 kg (Scuddy)
  • Price: €79 per person
  • Duration of a tour: approx. 2.5 hours (including driving training)

Our city tours on Segway & Scuddy in Leipzig english guided (start: city center)

We have come up with very special tours in which we want to show you the diversity of the city. And the best thing: our Segway rides in Leipzig are also a Leipzig city tour. We’ll tell you a lot about the city – but while driving via a headset instead of constantly standing still, this makes the driving experience unique! All tours start in our shop in the “Höfe am Brühl” center in the middle of Leipzig city center, where we always practice driving on our indoor Segway course before the tour so that everyone feels safe on the Segway.

We start with the Segways in a westerly direction and cross through the Waldstrasse district, one of the largest remaining Wilhelminian style districts, then we go through the sports forum and also along the arena and the stadium. This is followed by a look at the green side of the city – we first drive along the Elster basin and then through the palm garden. The tour then leads through the former industrial district of Plagwitz, where you can particularly clearly see the changes in the city of Leipzig. The way back takes us along the picturesque Karl Heine Canal, through Clara Zetkin Park and through the music district, before heading back towards the city center past the Federal Administrative Court.

Segway city tour Leipzig

Segways are particularly fascinating stand-up scooters! The speed of the vehicles is controlled only by shifting body weight – reacting ultra-fast and very precisely. You change direction by moving the handlebar sideways.

Riding a Segway is generally very intuitive and easy, which is why they are so popular for city tours around the world. All it takes is a few minutes of practice – and you’ll get it from us! Much more: every tour starts with driving training on our in-house indoor course. Because we think that only when you have mastered the Segway safely will you have fun on the subsequent tour (and come back healthy).

Scuddy tours in Leipzig

Scuddy slimV4 can now also be chosen for our Leipzig city tours! The Scuddy offers a whole new kind of driving pleasure and is even more intuitive to drive. With its 3 wheels, the way you move is different, and the powerful motor gets you up to speed just as quickly. The driver’s weight can even be up to 150 kg and pregnant women can also drive it – after their own consideration.
Since both vehicles have the same maximum speed, use the same paths and we want to show Leipzig to all guests in our unique way, “mixed” tours are also possible.


Our English-speaking Leipzig city tours with driving fun are unique. Do you already know our Leipzig city tour on foot?